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Empower your arts & culture team through a single solution, built to streamline your processes, engage your patrons, and manage your spaces.

Playtime is an end-to-end solution that brings all the functionality required by a 21st century live entertainment business into a single cloud based platform.

Whether through ticketing, fundraising, project management, venue management, or one of its many other features, playtime delivers organization wide visibility and control for all aspects of your entertainment business.

This fully integrated cloud based system provides the flexible tools you need to remove unnecessary spending, eliminate duplication of work, and streamline your planning and communication to give you full creative control.


Configure your own Playtime toolkit.

Playtime brings together the needs of your entire organization through an integrated suite of tools to manage everything from events to their audiences, from your patrons to their donations, and from your people to their projects.

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Everything a venue needs to sell and manage their events. Whether a small not for profit theater or a large arena, Playtime’s ticketing tools will intelligently and seamlessly allow you to ticket and run your events.

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Engage with your donors like never before with Playtime’s powerful, and fully integrated fundraising tools. With the direct connection to your CRM, Ticketing, Events, and more, explore new perspectives and insights to allow for more successful engagement.

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CRM and People Management

A centralized and universal CRM that connects with every module, allowing you to manage not just your customers, but every person connected to your organization, from employees to artists, from patrons to donors, from vendors to contractors, and everyone in between.

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Project Management

An advanced project management tool fully integrated with your operations through Playtime.

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Event Management

Schedule, plan and manage your events, from planning through performance. With resource planning, project management, ticketing and more all connected, your entire team can now work off of one blueprint to execute your live events.

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Venue Management

Take control of your venues. Manage bookings and assignments, as well as maintenance and compliance, provided with a clear view of what is happening and when.

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Employee Management

Track and manage your staff. A full picture of everything from their work, to leave and holidays, to accreditation and personal information. Everything you need to know in one place.

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Scheduling and Planning

Schedule events and work with a holistic overview of the goings on, resource availability and performance in your venues.

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Advanced Reporting

Quickly create and generate detailed reports utilizing data from across your organization. Explore metrics and insights previously unusable with your fully integrated system.

Our Vision

When a group of producers wanted a solution for themselves they decided they had to build it, and out of this was born a solution for an industry.

Playtime’s vision is to bring technological innovation to an industry hungry for it. So many organizations are finding themselves overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of disparate and disconnected systems they are forced to use.

Our goal is to allow you to run your entire organization on a single easy to use and well designed platform. Direct integration allows for streamlined processes and informed decision making, and Playtime is meant to connect every aspect of an organization, engaging your employees and activating passion for the work.

We believe technology should work for its users, and too often users find themselves forced to compromise. That is why we are 100% customer driven, always innovating, always evolving. And because we build Playtime on our own platform, we can iterate quickly with frequent releases updating our system to solve problems faced by our customers.

A team of 20+ specialists driven towards innovation.